Purchase Conditions:

When ordering a kaval the following must be specified:

The preferred pipe material,  sound specifics – more low, medium or high frequencies, the size of the mouthpiece, the size of the holes, on what (professional) level you are as it can be made with a very powerful tone or it can be made for beginners and advanced.

It is recommended to purchase the kavals personally so you are able to try them and make adjustments based on your own needs and personality.

If this is not possible it is necessary to provide details of all your requirements via e-mail or phone.

You can have the opportunity to get your kaval chosen from one of the best pipers (Nedyalko Nedyalkov and Kostadin Genchev). However, as they are professionals this service makes the kaval 10 percent more expensive.


Nedyalko Nedyalkov – phone +359/888-619-588
Kostadin Genchev – phone +359/899-804-891

In addition to this, you can trust on my long experience as a performer on the kaval if you know me and you've heard me playing. For those who have not I recommend you to visit my Youtube channel.




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Purchase conditions


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