Playing and manufacturing Bulgarian kavals is a mastery that comes from the soul.  The handicraft is an art.

The art of the master of the Bulgarian kaval is not a technique, it is not a master’s secret, but it is kind of a gift in the human’s heart.

In order to be a master of kavals you need to be able to recognize the voice of the kaval in your soul besides the ability to play on it.

In order to be able to create a kaval you must not only have skillful hands, but to be a person of the art and to appreciate the beauty.

Born with the music and the love to the Bulgarian traditional music, I can guarantee that the Bulgarian kavals I create are with very precise sonority and beautiful design.

In addition to this I produce Bulgarian traditional drums - davuls (large double-headed drum) or in bulgarian - tupans that have unique design.

Those who know me can tell that when I create something I put my soul in it and make it with an absolute precision. For those who don’t, you could get more information about my work in this website.

More information about the Bulgarian kavals, which I have already made, you can get from my band mates from BNR (Bulgarian National Radio) - http://www.nedyalkov.org/biography - Nedialko Nedialkov and Kostadin Genchev. They test each kaval and give their  personal opinion about the sound they produce. I am currently making kavals for them that will be ready in a few months.  And the kavala for Kostadin Genchev you can see it in the gallery.


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