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ръчно изработени кавали - дървоI produce Bulgarian kavals from wood, aluminum, PVC, cuprum and non-standard materials.

The sound depends on the material of which the kaval is made, how old the wood is and how it is dried.

I guarantee for the precise making and validity of every single kaval produced by me.

Every kaval can be made with more powerful tones. However, this depends on the wood that it is made of.

The sound of the PVC kavals is with equal average sonority which makes them suitable for weddings.

The wood kaval requires maintenance, while the others do not require any because the external temperature fluctuations and humidity does not affect them .

The design of the kavals and the drums is based on your individual preferences - it can be made in a variety of colours - black, mahogany, cherry, chestnut, all kinds of metallic and colors.

I also offer a special lubricant for the kavals, which prevents them from moisturizing. However, the kaval needs to be lubricated once a month.


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